love and light

Spiritual Coaching takes the Soul, rather than the Mind, as its starting point of balance. It has an expanded view of life, recognising that the world is a complex mystery and it takes into account belief systems, universal & personal energy systems, intuitive psychic realities, karmic interplay, subconscious and superconscious states of awareness, metaphysical experiences, spiritual theology, spiritual presence and higher-self cosmic connections.

Spiritual Coaching sees that life is innately personal and individuals want to build their own unique, flowing relationship with it, organically and without force. With the Soul being the starting point individuals come from the heart, whilst not forgetting their head, and from this heart space they care for the sacred interdependence of all life. Compassion for self and compassion for others is a core concept for their personal and collective growth.

As Spiritual Coaching is holistic, there is no separation, no duality between personal or collective responses and reaction, all is intrinsically linked. There is awareness that life experiences become the greatest tool, with the integration of personal pains and personal journey. The aim is for clients to express themselves and their world with intimate wisdom, spiritual awareness and personal authenticity; using integrity and wise use of their spiritual gifts, skills and knowledge.

As a Spiritual Coach I need a cross cultural awareness of various types of spiritual issues. I can recognise, and I’m committed to, a spiritual journey in my own life, and the lives of others. By focusing on my core inner connection, creating an open heart connection and a mindfulness state, I aim to create a holding and sacred space for the personal unfoldment of my clients.

The emphasis in this type of work is on wholeness, dealing with the whole person, and assisting the client in inner balance and integration of all the dimensions of Self. It is experiential and focuses on the client’s individual experiences and reality. I recognise and respect that the client is unique and that his/her reality is different from my own. As each client is seen as an individual the sessions are non-prescriptive and individually tailored. I therefore have to be active and creative, responding to the immediate issues brought by the client. The assumption is that human beings are innately motivated towards achieving their highest potential of awareness and fulfilment; my role is to support this and trust in your process.


The spiritual journey can be blissful and awakening, but also it can be arduous, frightening and lonely. Anyone can have a spiritual experience, or peak experience, but holistic self-realisation is a different matter. Spiritual development best occurs at the point when the Ego identity is strong enough to take a little disorientation. One’s understanding and meaning of one’s lives depend on the presence of Ego. If the Ego is not strong and does not hold the person in a healthy reality; the spiritual opening then results in fragmentation and crises. This altered State of Consciousness can be catastrophic to the Ego if the individual contacts the lower level of consciousness rather than the higher level of consciousness. A healthy Ego arises from the healing and integration of past traumas and of Self-Realisation/ Self-Awareness.

Spiritual coaching recognises that the split between psychotherapy and spirituality in the West is a cultural, not a natural, phenomenon.

The main principles:

  • Having awareness of a spiritual identity – we are all more than our personalities and our problems.
  • Faith in Self – that we have within us the wisdom to make the right choices.
  • Faith in your own potential – that every situation has a potential for growth.
  • Faith in the journey – that our lives have meaning.
  • Faith in Spirit – that we are truly Spiritual Beings.


Who is it for?

Spiritual Coaching is for those who:

  • Feel a major, often unexplained shift in their lives. They suddenly feel as if everything they do has no sense and lacks deeper meaning. This can cause some people to fall into depression, so it’s important to recognise that it’s not wrong, it is simply a process of awakening and if understood and guided in the right direction, can be incredibly fulfilling and blissful.
  • Consciously started their journey of personal development, but are stuck at certain level and need assistance in going deeper (and higher) or understanding their next step.
  • Realised that life is not just about going to work, paying bills and getting their pension, but intuitively feel that there’s a profound reason for living here and now, and want to know their purpose.

How do I get started?

You may still be unsure whether this is something for you, and I understand that perfectly. The best way to find out, is to email me with a brief description of what is it you’d like to work on, or what kind of issues you are facing at the moment, and we can go from there.

We can arrange an initial consultation and discuss your situation in confidence. After that, there’s absolutely no obligation to continue. I want you to really feel in your heart that I am the right person for you to work with!, otherwise it won’t be satisfactory for either one of us. The consultation takes about 1 hour and can be done on Skype or on the phone (unless you live in Andalusia, in which case we can meet face-to-face).

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME if you have any further questions. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!