Healing holistic massage

Holistic therapy treats the body as a “whole”, which means that not only will a massage treatment pamper your physical body but it will also aid rebalancing you on a spiritual and emotional level. It’s a therapeutic application of touch that is also supportive, relaxing treatment that encourages the mind to slow down whilst energy is increased.

Holistic Massage can be a combination of Swedish Massage, with energy healing, essential oils, crystals and sound, to naturally heal your body, mind and spirit. The complete energising and relaxing experience. Great to treat yourself, relieve stress and related conditions, ease back pain, detox the body system, and bring the body into a healing balance.

As a part of this treatment I can also include any intuitive messages* that come to me from your Higher Self. I almost always receive informations about the people I treat, but I will only share it if you like and if you’re open to it 🙂


*If you’re not familiar with psychic readings or intuitive healing etc., let me just explain, that I will not be trying to read your mind or find out any secrets about you, in fact that’s not possible. When reading someone intuitively, I always ask for permission on the soul level and the messages or feelings I might receive will typically be related to the treatment itself, your wellbeing; they may contain some further recommendations towards lifestyle changes or conditions you should take a closer look at, that’s all. And of course, just as any other information I would have about you, this is also strictly confidential.