The Fees for consultations and treatments can vary, depending on its kind, duration, and any particular arrangement with a client.

Massages are between £40 to £120, with the average price for an hourly treatment of £70.00 (hourly treatment means that the actual massage lasts 1 hour, id does not include the time for short consultation before, you getting ready or dressing up afterwards. The whole appointment is therefore about 1,5hr)

Consultations are priced at around £30 – £50, depending on how many we schedule in advance.

If you’d like to discuss working with me, please get in touch directly, via CONTACT page and I’ll try to assist you as well as I can.

* Please note – if you’d like to book a massage session in your place, I do travel to clients with a professional treatment bed, however I only accept such offers from regular clients and verified referrals. If we have never met before, for safety reasons it’ll unfortunately be a “no”.